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Unlock the prestigious Samurai Warlords experience with our Genesis Collection! Get early alpha access, exclusive NFTs as a starting package for the game, staking perks, and surprise airdrops. Dive into the Samurai realm - where adventure and rewards await!


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"The only safe place is at sea, with the beasts." -Masada Takahe

Winds of war are blowing in Japan. The ten most powerful clans have taken hold of different parts of the territory, dividing the country into prefectures. Each of them fights for expansion and the dream of shaping the future of the country.

Build your army, fight for control, and expand your dominance in the Land of the Rising Sun. Become one of the warlords that will shape the future of the country through blood, steel and honor. Gain a reputation, inspire your troops, and bring fame to your clan.


Win battles and complete challenges to earn precious rewards and in game resources. Use it to craft weapons and armor or sell it in the marketplace.

Through in-game resources, items, and tokens, you can improve your troops and establish trade relationships with other players. You can also exchange them for Ethereum whenever you want. The way you want to rule is up to you: will you work on your expansion and aim for the bigger fish, or lock in quick profits on a regular basis?

"I fight for honor, but I don't fight for free." -Hiroshi Ukado

In order to get priority access to the land sale, you should own a Samurai warlord genesis collection NFT.

After all genesis collections are sold out, the land packages will unlock at an announced date.

Mint Samurai Warlord
to lead as a Shogun
shogun logo for package section
Quantity: 10
The Shogun package offers the pinnacle of power and prestige. Rule vast territories, command formidable armies, and shape the political landscape. Ideal for those who seek to lead at the highest level.
Warlord NFT × 5
Warlord NFT × 10
Warlord NFT × 50
Choose Clan
to join and a family crest to lead the family as a Daimyo
daimyo logo for package section
Quantity: 100
As a Daimyo, control significant lands, manage strategic alliances, and wield considerable military and economic influence. Perfect for players aiming to be influential feudal lords.
Warlord NFT × 5
Warlord NFT × 10
Warlord NFT × 25
Choose Clan
to join to and a family crest Daimyo to serve as a bannerlord
hatamoto logo for package section
Quantity: 400
The Hatamoto package positions you as a trusted elite advisor and warrior for your lord. Command respect and authority, leading special military units and undertaking crucial missions. Suited for those who aspire to be the right hand of power.
Warlord NFT × 5
Warlord NFT × 10
Warlord NFT × 15
Choose Clan
to join to and a family crest to serve as a Samurai
samurai logo for package section
Quantity: 800
Embrace the way of the Samurai with lands that allow you to hone your martial skills, uphold honor, and serve loyally. This package is ideal for players who value courage, discipline, and mastery in combat.
Warlord NFT × 5
Warlord NFT × 10
Warlord NFT × 10
Choose Clan
to join to and a family crest to serve under
ashigaru logo for package section
Quantity: 1200
Soldier’s Foundation: Begin your journey with the Ashigaru package. Cultivate your territory, rise from humble beginnings, and carve your path to renown. This package is perfect for those who aspire to build their legacy from the ground up.
Warlord NFT × 5
Warlord NFT × 5
Choose Clan

Join the exclusive ranks and start collecting rewards by becoming part of the Samurai Warlords NFT Collection. Every Samurai is painted in a realistic style by the expert hand of the renowned artist David Benzal (HBO, FOX, SONY).

Holders of this collection will receive special rewards in the form of airdrops. Plus, you get early access to the game, starting army, exclusive troops, and a lot more!



"Before battle, war is won in the hearts of men." -Sanada Take

In Samurai Warlords, you have complete control over your army. Personalize units to your liking, every warrior can be as unique as you want. Complete challenges to level them up. Unlock new abilities and executions. The more your NFT earn experience, your game experience will become more fun and rewarding.

Gain reputation as a powerful warlord. Fight in countless battles for your clan and elevate your family crest to fame. Make your opponents fear at the mere sight of your banner.


Feudal Japan is no place for the faint of heart. Participate in cinematic and visceral battles. Lead your soldiers against entire armies in your pursuit of power. No sacrifice is too big when your honor is at stake.

Fight bravely and finish your enemies with fantastic executions. Force them to see, or grant them the relief of a quick death. As your warriors level up, they'll unlock unique execution moves — some honorable, some are absolutely wicked.

"In the battleground men forget civilization" -Sanada Take


"The land of the warrior is as important as the warrior." -Tsunoto Hateka

Claim new lands and build on them to create the strongest army the world has ever seen. Every new piece of territory will allow you to build a different productive structure you can use to sustain your expansion campaign.

From blacksmiths who craft powerful weapons, to barracks in which you'll train new troops. Knowing how to manage your territory and resources is as important as knowing how to fight your battles.


"The way of the Samurai is found in battle." -Tsunoto Hateka

Use your army to fight in different scenarios and subdue your enemies. Either fight against real players to earn rewards and expand your influence across the ecosystem, or live your own Samurai adventure in single player vs intelligent AI.


Fight in randomized scenarios against the CPU. Find out the way of emerging victorious and claim rewards with every victory. in the form of diverse bounty and valuable resources, enhancing your journey towards greatness


Fight in multiplayer battles against other clans. Show them what you’re made of and scale up the global ranking. Complete the challenges and win bonus rewards, tokens and in game currencies. Level up your characters in the process, unlocking new skills and executions.

Genesis NFT:
A World of Perks

"Most of the time, the real victory is achieved outside the battleground." -Hurasa Manji


NFT Staking

Staking your Samurai warlord genesis collection NFT will earn rewards, tokens and in game currencies.



The Genesis collection holders will receive full Samurai Army Starter Pack to kickstart your journey in the game!



Owning the Genesis Collection NFT unlocks access to exclusive airdrops and valuable special rewards.



Gain exclusive early access to the highly anticipated closed alpha version of the Samurai Warlord Demo game.

Discover Your Path with the Genesis Collection: In a world of conflict, your strategy defines your empire.
Will you train and rent mercenaries, establish yourself as a formidable weapons supplier, or navigate the intricate web of diplomacy and conspiracies?

Mint the Genesis Collection and carve your unique path to thrive in these Chaotic times.



What is Samurai Warlords?

Samurai Warlords is a collectible NFT strategy and action ecosystem that combines resource management on one side and strategic battles against players on the other. Players can grow in multiple ways through trading, crafting, training, land management, or engaging in battles.

After assembling your army, you can enter the world of warlords in an action-packed Samurai strategy game. Here, you will employ strategy to outmaneuver opponents and complete as many challenges as possible to enhance your rewards. The objective is to play tactically to achieve the desired outcomes. In Samurai Warlords, warriors are endowed with unique stats, classes, and weapon affinities.

Will the game be Free-To-Play?

To begin playing the game, you should have a Samurai army. You can obtain one by taking part in the sale of the Samurai warlords genesis collection or by minting, buying, or renting an army when the time is right, and those functions will be available.

There are ways to play Samurai Warlords for free. You can find a Warlord who is willing to lend their army. By doing this, you can use their troops in the game and share with them a tribute of what you earn, whether it’s tokens, in game currencies or crafting materials. Eventually, you can use these materials to build, craft, and upgrade or train your very own army.

What Surprises Await in the World of Samurai Warlords?

Discover the thrill of playing Samurai Warlords, where engaging in battles leads to exciting rewards. As players immerse themselves in the game, they can collect tokens, in-game resources, and various crafting materials such as wood, iron, copper and more! These resources enhance the gaming experience, allowing players to craft, purchase, or level-up their army’s gear, thereby strengthening their warriors and unlocking special features. Victory is just the beginning – the challenge system in the game rewards skillful play, prompting players to strategize troop deployment to achieve their in-game objectives.

When will the Elite Genesis Collection be Released?

Private Sale Details: Ahead of our Elite Genesis public release, we're excited to offer an exclusive private sale for those on our whitelist. This is your chance to secure a piece of the collection at a special discounted price, available only to a select few. Quantities for this private sale are limited, so it's crucial to follow our Twitter account. That’s where we will announce all the necessary details, including how to get whitelisted. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of our community's inner circle.
The date for the Whitelist sale was set for April 17th – 3PM UTC time.
The date for the FCFS sale was set for April 18th – 3PM UTC time.

Public Sale Details: Following the private sale, the Genesis Elite will be publicly released on 19th April. This will be your opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. To stay updated on the public sale and to not miss out on any important announcements, including insights into the Closed Alpha of the Demo, make sure to follow us on our social channels. By keeping in touch through Twitter, you’ll be among the first to know about all the latest developments and how you can participate in the public sale.

How Advanced is the Game in Development?

The Samurai Warlords demo game is making great progress! Right now, we’re busy adding cool animations and developing the game further. It's already playable, and we’ve got some awesome animations for different moves and actions as well as detailed characters and gear.

Now, we’re putting our energy into adding more content and making the demo gameplay smoother. But just so you know, there's still a lot to be done before it's complete.

Our goal is to create a top-notch, triple-A game with stunning graphics and super fun gameplay. We want it to be a game that you can really get into and absolutely love playing whenever you have some free time.

Are there Videos of the Gameplay?

We’ll be unveiling the gameplay videos in the near future. Meanwhile, you can get a sneak peek by checking out Part 1 of our cinematic trailer. (Heads up - the full trailer will go live closer to the mint date)

Hungry for more? Our team drops teasers of what we’re crafting on our Twitter. Stay tuned!

Where Can I Learn More About the Samurai Warlords?

We will be publishing our whitepaper soon so you can get a broad overview of what we are building and why. For further information follow our posts on Twitter and simply stay connected via our official channels.

Are there any Airdrops?

If you’re holding a genesis collection Samurai warlord you’re in for a treat! These will grant you full access to the game once it’s all set. If your wallet holds these NFTs, you’ll get an airdrop of a fully playable package along with other special airdrops that will be announced later.

Want to keep tabs on upcoming airdrops? Head over and follow our Samurai Warlords twitter account!

How Do I Get My Samurai Army?

The Genesis Elite collection is the first key to owning your own Samurai Army.

If you were whitelisted, don’t miss the chance to mint one on 17th April.
If you won FCFS spot your turn will arrive on 18th April.
For the rest of the public, the mint will be opened on the 19th of April.

What Benefits of Holding the Samurai Warlords Genesis Collection?

The Samurai Warlords Genesis Collection is the foundational collection of the world of Samurai Warlords. Just by holding your avatar, you get access to tons of benefits that include:

A starter pack of Samurai Army to play the game along with Staking opportunities, Airdrops, access to special units, rewards and more.

How To Participate in the Genesis Collection Sale?

Joining the Genesis Collection Sale is your first step towards epic conquests. It's easy and exciting! For a step-by-step walkthrough, visit our Medium guide.

When will the Land Packages be Released?

Once all the Samurai Warlords genesis collection has been minted, we will announce on the land sale date and prices through our official channels and reveal the details of what it means owning a land in the Samurai warlords ecosystem.

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